Investment Strategy

The Fund invests in securities of companies active in new forms of mobility.

The Highlights

The 6 highlights from the Global new mobility fund.

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The important Facts & Figures from the global new mobility fund.

Investment Strategy:

The investment strategy from
global new mobility fund.

The Fund invests in securities of companies active in new forms of mobility or with the strategic intent to become increasingly involved in this issue.

New forms of mobility are, inter alia, electric mobility , autonomous driving, shared-mobility concepts and passenger and freight transport systems.

The Fund covers all value chains of the respective new forms of mobility. These include e.g. producers of raw materials (lithium, aluminium, cobalt etc.) and materials, leightweight construction, engineering and design, battery manufacturers and developers, technology suppliers in powertrain, autonomous mobility, networked mobility and pertaining hard- and software, as well as automotive manufacturers (so-called OEMs) and the entire supplier industry. Also part of the universe are the manufacturers of components of the charging infrastructure (electricity, gas, hydrogen etc.), the network infrastructure including stationary energy storage, as well as developers, owners and operators of these infrastructures.

Investment Universe:

Energy Storage

Stationary Storage

  • Standby Battery
  • Peak-Shaving
  • Network services

New Mobility

Electric Mobility

  • Passenger Transport
  • Freight transport
  • Public transport
  • Logistics

Autonomous locomotion

  • ADAS
  • Autonomous driving


  • Car-Sharing
  • Car-Pooling
  • Ride-Hailing
  • Platooning

Alternative Powertrains

  • Fuel-Cells
  • (Bio) Gas


New mobility

Participation in the megatrend of new mobility (i.e. electric mobility, autonomous driving, shared-mobility concepts)

Significant growth

Investment in future-oriented themes, where significant growth is expected.

Global portfolio

Global und focused portfolio of 30 - 40 companies.


Investment in USD and in CHF hedged possible.

Investor protection

UCITS V conform investment fund with a high level of investor protection.

Daily liquidity

Daily liquidity of the investment fund.